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‘Goldie’ Goes ‘Cherry’: A Limited Run of 50 ‘Like New’ Collector’s Choice #2

One of the most often repeated terms heard in the Gibson Custom Shop is, “You know what would be cool?” It’s as common as a trip to the coffee machine around here. And it only makes sense. Every day, a small team of craftsmen, engineers and musicians has the luxury of dreaming as part of our job descriptions. When we added the Collector’s Choice range to our line of fine guitars, we also added the benefit of a whole new group of guest product managers; the collectors that open up their vaults, choose their favorites and allow us to recreate them in amazing detail. The owner of the original instrument on which Collector’s Choice #3 (Goldie Serial Number 9-0629) is modeled, received the prototype and was inspired to think what she might have looked like when she left the factory. As a result, we received an enthusiastic phone call that started with our favorite term of inspiration: “You know what would be cool?”

We agreed whole-heartedly. And, as a result, have created a limited run of 50 Cherry Gloss Collector’s Choice #2 guitars. Whether or not she should be named “Cherry” instead of “Goldie” is an ongoing debate. This limited edition of 50 Cherry Gloss Collector’s Choice #2 guitars feature the aniline-dyed back of the original 1950s Les Pauls, which were a beautiful red that eventually faded with time, as reflected in the current condition of “Goldie.” The finished burst is made to recreate a factory new cherry burst from 1959 and has a high-gloss, luxurious nitro-cellulose lacquer finish, as it would have had when it left the hands of the craftsmen in the Kalamazoo factory.

If you’d like to learn more about “Goldie,” you can find more information here. The entire run of both finishes remains limited to 300 for the world, with the availability of qualifying materials ultimately determining the actual number that are built.

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