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Going Back in Time for an Amazing ’59

The 1959 Historic Reissue Les Paul of today is the result of an unyielding commitment to capture and recreate the mean average of the hundreds of specifications from the originals. It is an unprecedented achievement requiring science, skill and the contributions of many collectors willing to let go of their precious ’bursts long enough for Gibson Custom to analyze them down to dizzying detail. Each is a beautiful recreation of the essence of the famed 1959 Les Paul, boasting the key aesthetic, performance, tone and “feel” features from a time long gone by in an instrument that many can afford to call their own.

As amazing as the results are, the process behind today’s Reissue ’59 Standard captures the essence of the approximately 700 ’59s and has taken nearly 20 years and the collaboration of a passionate community of players, collectors and Custom builders.

Average is Awesome. Specific is Breath-Taking.

The Collector’s Choice™ ’59 Les Paul series makes it possible to own a recreation of a specific guitar from the few Les Paul Standards created in 1959. The world’s collectors have again allowed Gibson Custom access to their originals and opened up their vaults so that specific ’bursts can be re-analyzed, digitally scanned and measured from every conceivable perspective. Now, Gibson Custom is faithfully recreating the individual personality of specific serial numbers from the past and bringing them to a limited number of owners. Every detail of finish, material, wear and tone in the Collector’s Choice™ range are as near to perfect re-creations as humanly possible.

The Latest Collector’s Choice #2: Meet 9-0629, a.k.a. “Goldie.”

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