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Signed, Sealed, Delivered…The Kirk Hammett Flying V by Gibson Custom

Caption: Kirk Hammett Stands in a Sea of Vs.

One of the most challenging feats of a major artist release from Gibson Custom is coordinating schedules with busy artists.  In order for a few passionate fans and collectors to know that their guitar has been held, tested and signed by the artist, phone calls are made, flights are taken, appointments are held, sometimes cancelled and rescheduled and so on, until the planets align and guitars meet their namesake for a few minutes together to make sure that each passes muster. This critical and final step connects the owner to the artist in a very powerful, physical way; both hero and fan have held the same instrument. It’s a very unique and exclusive value that stays with the guitar for its lifetime. Shown here, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett stands amidst a sea of reproduction ’79 Flying V’s from Gibson Custom, each a recreation of his own instrument right down to the gaffer’s tape and the occasional ding or dent.

In early April, things fell into place for Kirk to sign the first 50 guitars in the run, which will total 150 (the final 100 are not signed by the artist). As is always the case, flight cases were packed, Custom staff flights were booked and an impressively orchestrated series of tasks and follow-ups were executed to near perfection. 

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