Alice Cooper recently teamed with London’s The Guardian for a webchat in which the shock rocker answered questions from fans. One fan posited what he called “a classic pub question”: 

“If you could assemble your ultimate backing band of musicians, living or dead, who would you pick?” he asked. Cooper responded: “Keith Moon on drums. Jeff Beck on guitar. Pete Townshend on guitar. Paul McCartney on bass. And then John Lennon on a third guitar! Lennon and McCartney singing together, that's your whole background.” 

Alice Cooper

Cooper was asked to name his “favorite part of being a rock star.” 

“The longevity of it, really,” Cooper replied. “None of us thought we'd get past 30 years old and here I am 70, I'll be 70 next year. Not Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Mick Jagger, yet here we are. I think there was a different work ethic from that era. Nobody ever thought of retirement. But we didn't expect to be doing this now. We were all kids at the time, and indestructible. We proved that you could live on beer and that beer was a food group. I don't remember eating. Nowadays it's different. Three generations of a family now can come to see us - it still speaks to the old guy, the middle guy and the teenager.”