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The Firebird X Visionaries Club

Buyers who purchase a Gibson USA Firebird X know they are getting much more than a guitar. But beyond the analog engine, the effects, the robot tuners, the software, the rugged case and all of the rest is one other feature that is unique to this instrument: membership in an exclusive community of cutting edge artists.

Firebird X owners, by their very nature, are first adopters — people who seek out the cutting edge of new technology. Gibson Guitar has been at the forefront of guitar technology since its very beginning, when Orville Gibson developed a revolutionary line of archtops. Through the years, that heritage has grown with groundbreaking developments in solidbody electric guitars, pickups, bridges and, more recently, robot tuning and other technological advancements. Firebird X is the pinnacle of that long journey — the ultimate instrument for technological visionaries.

And with that in mind, Gibson is proud to introduce the Firebird X Visionary Club, an exclusive community for all registered owners of Firebird X. Members will have exclusive access to the Firebird X Visionary Club website, where they will have easy access to software downloads, patches, manuals and other supporting downloads. Members also will be able to create and maintain profile pages, have open conversations with fellow Firebird X owners, artists and Gibson staff in the forums, or use private messages to communicate with other owners or Gibson staff. Tools in the forum will allow users to create meet ups, open jams or other events. Owners can also use the site to post and share Firebird X preset files, as well as audio and video content.

Furthermore, members of this exclusive club will have a clear path, if they so choose, to become increasingly active members in the Gibson Family. This can include invitations to private Beta tests for upcoming products, the ability to become power users and moderators on Gibson forums, and receive other perks from the Gibson USA division. Firebird X is the most groundbreaking, technologically advanced guitar ever conceived. Join the Firebird X Visionary Club — and join us in unlocking the ever-developing future of the electric guitar.