Flying V When Gibson first introduced the Flying V guitar in 1958 it must have seemed like an instrument from the future. Its unique v-shaped body still stands out some 58 years later, and it's been integral in shaping the sound and style of many guitarists over the years. Gibson's 2016 lineup contains two Flying V models - the traditionally appointed T, as well as the high performance HP model, which comes loaded with all that modern technology has to offer while still adhering to the instrument's classic looks and playability. The Gibson Flying V has had a wide range of appeal in many different genres over the years, including blues, rock, and heavy metal. Here’s a look at some of the most well-known Flying V fanatics from the past six decades!

The Flying V would become very popular in heavy metal circles during the late seventies and eighties, with guys like Michael Schenker inspiring many young guitarists to pick up the instrument. Its sharp angles and pointy headstock certainly made it look the part for aggressive music, but the guitarists that put the instrument on the map in the first place came from a completely different genre. Bluesmen like Albert King, and the recently departed Lonnie Mack took to the Flying V almost instantly. King got a 1958 Flying V soon after the model was launched, and continued to play variations of the instrument for his entire career, as did Mack.

Wishbone Ash guitarist Andy Powell was enamored by the vibrant tones and ringing chords he could achieve with a Flying V when he first tried one in the late sixties, so much so that he bought it on the spot. Powell still use his 1967 Flying V to this day.

When he’s not playing a Les Paul, Lenny Kravitz is often seen with a Flying V. Kravitz have been using Flying Vs for most of his career, ever since his now classic video for “Are You Gonna Go My Way” took over MTV in 1993. The futuristic looking Flying V is a perfect match for Lenny’s retro-rock star looks  check out this recent clip of Kravitz and his longtime guitarist Craig Ross playing “Are You Gonna Go My Way” in Paris:

Feel like picking up a Flying V guitar? This is a great time to do so! Gibson's 2016 model lineup allows you to choose between two models - the T and the HP. The Flying V 2016 T is a classic Flying V with a traditional setup, featuring '57 Classic and BurstBucker 3 pickups and a Slim Taper™ neck. The Flying V 2016 HP model comes loaded with modern appointments like Gibson's new and improved G FORCE™ tuning system. The fast-access heel is new for 2016 and allows for easier reach of the higher frets - the perfect guitar for heavy metal aficionados.

Flying V

The Flying V is really a well-rounded instrument no matter what style of music you play. Get some sweet blues tones just like Albert King and Lonnie Mack did, or take your heavy metal solos to a new level thanks to the fast-access heel, and Soloist neck. There’s also an added bonus to playing a Flying V  you will look super cool! Andy Powell told that the Flying V actually helped him get noticed early on in his career: “As a young player, you look for your instrument and I became hugely enamored with it. I used to get photographed with it all the time. It was a chore to get in the British music press, and the guitar was very photogenic — so then I was too, with it.”