Up and coming U.K. metal band Black Moth are generating considerable buzz as fans await the group’s forthcoming new album, Anatomical Venus, slated for release on March 2. Guitarist Federica Gialanze, who shares six-string duties with bandmate Jim Swainston, was recently asked by Music Radar which of her guitars she would save from a burning building.

“It’s actually quite easy to answer this question because it represents one of my worst fears,” said Gialanze. “When I lived in west London in 2011, the riots happened outside, and a shop and a flat nearby were set on fire. A few days later, I remember reading on the newspaper about the lady who lived there and how she lost everything except for her violin.

Black Moth

“Ever since, I wondered what I would hope to find intact should anything like this ever occur. It turns out to be my Gibson Explorer. It’s a magnificent, versatile [instrument] with an incredibly rich tone. Not only is it a pleasure to play but it’s such an iconic shape that passed through generations of rock--from Skynyrd to Metallica.”

Gialanze was also asked to name a guitar or piece of gear that she regretted letting go.

“I regret giving away a Gibson [Les Paul] Junior that I got when I was over in the U.S. for a few months,” she replied. “There’s some history attached to that guitar as it apparently belonged to Derek St. Holmes; it wasn’t one of his vintage ’50s models but nonetheless was quite unique as it was customized for him, and was given to me as a gift. However, I had my heart set on the Explorer for quite some time, and when I found one at a guitar show in Texas I traded it for it.”