Foreigner’s Mick Jones is enjoying life back in the spotlight. With a 40th Anniversary tour packing in fans, the band has seen current singer Kelly Hansen and ex-frontman Lou Gramm share vocal duties as the band runs through its impressive catalog of hits.

“It’s really nice and great,” guitarist and founder Mick Jones has told Ultimate Classic Rock. “It sort of completes the circle almost. It’s a great feeling and the fans love it. We love it. It’s amazing — Kelly and Lou Gramm hit it off like a house on fire. They love it. I was holding my breath for a minute there, because in other conditions, it could be a touchy subject. But it hasn’t been at all - it’s been the opposite.”

And Jones also says he’d like to work again with Gramm again in the studio, to complete tracks he started years ago. “There’s about 10 or 12 [tracks], which I’ve been listening to,” he says. “I don’t quite know when we’re going to have a chance to do that, but it wouldn’t be before the fall. I’m aware that they’re there, but I think we have to concentrate on one thing at a time. You know, otherwise the projects… it’s not good to be thinking of three or four different things at once.”

Jones probably will have to wait sometime to get his wish. He’s currently prepping for the release of Foreigner With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, a new live recording released on April 18, followed by a summer tour with Whitesnake. Jones also recently published his own book, A Foreigner’s Tale. “I ain’t stoppin’ yet, I’ll tell you that,” he told UCR. “As long as I feel good and it’s not painful to get up onstage, I take those things one day at a time.”