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How to Buy an Electric Guitar

How To Buy an Electric Guitar

Common sense Rules to an informed purchase.

We congratulate you for being a conscientious consumer. By requesting the Electric Guitar Buyer’s Guide, you’ve shown that you carefully research important purchase decisions.

The 15 easy Rules you’ll find in the following pages were formulated from interviews with professional players and Gibson luthiers who are recognized authorities on guitarmaking. We covered the subjects of playability and dependability with players, and materials and manufacturing with the luthiers.

Apply the following Rules to each guitar or bass you consider, and you’re sure to find lasting satisfaction in the instrument you finally select.

  • The Basics
  • Rule 1 Pay for Quality
  • Rule 2 Verify Warranty and Service
  • Rule 3 Research the Manufacturer
  • Rule 4 Consider Appreciation
  • Materials are Important
  • Rule 5 Demand Good Tone Wood
  • Rule 6 Insist on Quiet Electronics
  • Manufacturing is an Art
  • Rule 7 Balance Craftsmanship with Production
  • Rule 8 Evaluate the Neck Joint
  • Rule 9 Check Appointments for Functionality
  • Rule 10 Pay Attention to Details
  • Rule 11 Look for Innovation
  • Hands-on Examination
  • Rule 12 Check the Neck
  • Rule 13 Test for Sustain
  • Rule 14 Listen for Electronic Noise
  • Rule 15 Inspect the Finish
  • Owner Adjustments
  • The Truss Rod
  • The Bridge

View or download the "How to Buy an Electric Guitar" PDF here.